I can’t blog because my baby won’t sleep!

It’s the truth.  We’ve had a bad few days.  Theo’s been sleeping for one decent stretch and then waking up every two hours during the night. During the day… naps… forget it.  We had one nap that lasted an hour and twenty yesterday – besides that one, we have barely broke the forty minute mark in over a week.  I’m zonked.  Is it a six-month growth spurt??  The change of seasons??  Who the hell knows?!  We’re still considering some sleep training for the health of our family… but I’m going to wait and see what the new pediatrician advises at Theo’s six-month appointment next week.  Then, we’ll formulate a plan.  Ugh.

Meanwhile… we got a totally awesome new camera that takes GORGEOUS pics and fits in my pocket.  Yup.  Dreamy.  Now I can take pictures and videos again even when I’m carrying Theo and a diaper bag!  I’m back baby!  So – for now, I’m going to try to sleep for the remaining thirty minutes that Theo will be napping.   This weekend I’ll try to take advantage of daddy being home and I’ll organize my thoughts and some photos for my next post.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.




3 thoughts on “I can’t blog because my baby won’t sleep!

  1. Hi Nell…..

    So sorry that Theo is not sleeping….It is temporary, as everything with babies is, since they are growing and constantly changing:)) But I understand your exhaustion and frustration:) It will be interesting to see what the new dr. says. What day is your appt.? I think I will try chanting for Theo to sleep!! It can’t hurt as they say:)))))

    When you get a chance… take a look at the INCREDIBLE PHOTOS that I sent you a few days ago:) They are even more amazing than the first ones with the monkeys and embracing old couple! I just love great photography!!! What kind of camera did you just buy for your pocket?! I can’t wait to see the awesome photos that you will be sending:))))

    Sorry that I have not called you…I never know when is a good time and I don’t want to disturb you or worse wake you:)) We have to talk about when is good!!

    Big hugs and much love, Lorene

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