New Camera and Our Boy’s Growing Up…

Hello everyone on this rainy Tuesday morning.  I’d like to wish a happy and healthy new year to all my Jewy friends!  I hope it’s a sweet and wonderful year for everyone.

Meanwhile, I managed to spend a little time uploading photos this weekend so I have some fun show and tell for you all.  First – take a look at our new camera… the Sony RX100.  Ahhhhhh sweetness.  This baby is really making it all happen for me.  I have been totally slacking with taking pictures over the last several months because as a new mother, I have absolutely no patience for carting around my Rebel along with one or two lenses.  It’s WAY too cumbersome!  So I’ve just been making do with my iPhone – but it has been making me quite sad.  Once you get spoiled with a certain level of quality, it’s hard to go back.  Then along came the camera fairy (AKA: Adam… I’ve been too neck-deep in baby land to be doing camera research) and voila – top notch quality smushed into a teeny tiny package that fits in the pocket of my diaper bag!  It’s actually just around the same size as our deck of Peanuts playing cards.   Take a look.  Amazing right?

Besides a bunch of cool settings like Illustrator (makes the photo look like an illustration), HDR (high dynamic range – takes multiple exposures and puts them together so you get a fuller range of darks and lights), Toy Camera (colors pop and there’s a cool auto vignette) – the camera has a super large sensor, extremely fast focus and a gorgeous quality lens.  I can take pictures in a manual setting and get images just as pretty as when I was using my Rebel.  Oh – and it also shoots HD video.  It’s truly fabulous.  Here are some pictures I took over the last week or so:


Date Night – Candle Light

Candle Reflected Through Water Glass

Fort Greene on a Rainy Night (Toy Camera Warm setting)

South Portland on a Rainy Night (Toy Camera Warm setting)

And of course, I’ve also been taking lots of pictures of our little munchkin who is six months old as of yesterday!  Woo hoo!  I have to tell you, he is just getting cooler and cuter and funnier by the day.  He has officially started sitting up on his own, which buys me a little more time as he can now amuse himself a bit more.  He has also become extremely vocal over the last week or so.  He is constantly squealing and blowing raspberries and babbling.  It’s quite adorable.  He’s kind of a little ham.  I believe crawling is in our not too distant future as he’s growing more comfortable on his hands and knees and has learned how to pivot around to get to a toy.  He’s also extremely curious and will grab at anything and everything in his sight.  Just the other day he learned how to turn the faucet on while he was taking a bath.  Peachy.  He’s also constantly after my iPhone!  Oh – and the latest development… solids!  Little Theo is now being introduced to the wonderful world of food!  So far he’s tried roasted sweet potato, carrots, pears, peaches, apples, peas, roasted red peppers, oatmeal.  The only thing he doesn’t seem quite fond of is avocado.   I’m having fun sampling different foods with him – though it certainly is MESSY!  Oye.

Ok – enough chit chat.  Onto the pics:

The little peanut hit 14 pounds – FINALLY!

Angry Theo

Playing with his friend Rain

Theo Illustrated (Illustration setting) – crazy right??

Our little home boy on his hands and knees

Mommy & Theo cuddle time (Toy Camera setting)

Theo… meet sweet potatoes.

Theo… meet peas. (this was taken with the Rebel and a 100mm macro lens – pretty)

Chillin in the stroller

Watching the big kids play at the playground

Fun in the park (Retro Photo setting)

Sitting up in the bath (Toy Camera setting)

Theo on his 6 month birthday

Cutie right?

Ok – that’s all for today.  Theo is napping (yay!) and I have to make some lunch and feed myself before he wakes up.  Purple carrots and regular potatoes from the farmer’s market are on the baby menu for tonight!



2 thoughts on “New Camera and Our Boy’s Growing Up…

  1. thanks nell for all the fun i am having with your dish. it is like memory lane with my boys. just when i think theo looks just like adam(am sure everyone says that) i see another picture and he looks just like you! wish you three could be here for the film festival again this year. love sandy

  2. I love all the pictures and the new camera!! It takes the best pictures! Love the pic on the illustration setting. It gives it such a different look. And the toy setting. Can’t wait for Amie and Rob to get the camera!! Theo is just sooooo adorable! We want to see him again real soon. our love, Elaine and Harvey xo

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