Photo 23 out of 365 – “Party Boy” & American Airlines is Evil

This photo is from last night’s dinner at Main Street Station in our charming little town of Guerneville, CA outside of Sonoma.  The event was Adam’s dad Richard’s 70th birthday dinner.  We enjoyed pizza, beer and wine as we were entertained by open mic night’s finest… including our very own Richard Schulman (Adam’s dad) on the clarinet!   This is a photo of Adam, taken shortly before our exit.

On another note… I have to rant about American Airlines for a minute.  Adam and I flew American to Hawaii for our honeymoon back in October and I was not at all pleased with the experience.  First off, the seats are horribly uncomfortable – more uncomfortable than your average uncomfortable airline seats.  Second, they don’t serve any complimentary food… even on an 8 hour flight to Hawaii.  You can buy food – but on our last trip, by the time they got to our row, the only thing I could buy was a Boston Market pork sandwich, which sort of nauseated me so I elected to starve instead.

Skip to Sunday – we decided to fly American again because it was the cheapest flight to San Francisco and we were trying to accumulate miles.  Again – no food… but I didn’t care that much, because I was trying to remain unconscious for the entire trip (eye mask, earplugs… the whole nine yards).  Until about 5 hours in… when all of a sudden, the smell of freshly-baked cookies woke me from my slumber.   YES – chocolate chip cookies were DEFINITELY being baked on that plane… I couldn’t believe it!  My stomach instantly started growling and I perked up in my chair, looking for the flight attendant.  Sadly, that flight attendant never came – because the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies were only for those privileged few in first class.  Evil right??  I mean – everyone knows that the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is like crack!  So – I spent the last 90 or so minutes of our flight awake, starving and bitter.  Thank you American Airlines.


2 thoughts on “Photo 23 out of 365 – “Party Boy” & American Airlines is Evil

  1. That is CRUEL! You should fly Midwest Airlines to Minneapolis… EVERYONE gets fresh-baked cookies (well, that was 3 years ago… I’m not sure if that’s true now). But you should come out here anyway. I’ll bake you cookies. And they’ll be super special cookies.

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