Photo 84 out of 365 – “Wired”

Though electrical outlets are typically not very interesting to me, I was compelled to take this photo on Friday.  I was at Adam’s office waiting for him to finish up some work before the long weekend.  I was bored and just sitting around taking pictures of random things… like the grain in the wood floor or the sunlight reflecting off a piece of paper hanging on the office wall.   Then I noticed these outlets under the desk that Adam’s editor Jacob was sitting at.  I liked the combination of the lighting, the light blue wall with the bright orange outlets… and the black, white and bright blue wires.  So I shimmied down the floor and took some photos while sitting on my butt – Jacob, working at his desk above me, probably thinking I’m a bit strange.

Which brings me to my next challenge.  The first big challenge I gave to myself with this 365 photo project was to take more people photos.  At first, I was very timid and afraid to approach people with my camera.  Over the past month though, I’ve become much braver and more comfortable – though I still have a ways to go.  Now that I’m consistently working to grow in that area, the next challenge I’m giving to myself is to get closer to my subjects and to physically move my body wherever I need to go to achieve more interesting perspectives and angles with my shots.  This is also a fear thing to some extent… I need to be ok with looking strange to other people.  But I’m learning with this project, that so much of what makes photos beautiful and compelling is showing a unique perspective.  Everyone can take a picture, but not everyone will lie down on the sidewalk in NYC to take that same picture from a totally different angle.

Meanwhile, I had a marathon day yesterday and passed out last night before I had the opportunity to post.  So this post was really meant for yesterday and I’ll post again a bit later with photo 85.   Happy 4th of July everyone!


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