Photo 85 out of 365 – “Saturday Bliss”

Saturday Bliss Consisted Of:

A trip to Stinky Bklyn (cheese shop)

A picnic in Cobble Hill Park with lots of cheeses, meats, fruits and friends (just a few friends)

A cannoli-flavored Italian Ice

Catching up with our newly married friends post-honeymoon on a subway ride to Flushing Queens

An adventurous, spicy & flavorful, mostly-delicious Northern Chinese dinner at Foo-Run

You can see why Adam is so happy in the picture.  I’ll write more about the foodie stuff above in more detail tomorrow.  Now it is 2:30 am and it’s time for bed.  I hope everyone had a good fireworks show!!


2 thoughts on “Photo 85 out of 365 – “Saturday Bliss”

  1. You take after your grandpa w/the photos! They r beautiful. Especially when it’s of your hubby sooo happy! Would love to hang out w/u both sometime. Let us know if you’re ever near Rochester, NY. U have a place to stay!

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