Photo 86 out of 365 – “The Fourth of July” & Stories from Skywalker Ranch

This was taken from our roof last night.  Kind of what the Fourth of July is all about – right?  The Macy’s fireworks show used to be on the East River and we had the most incredible view from the roof of our apartment building!  Since they’ve moved over the west side… eh.  This specific firework seen above was set off from somewhere on our street – I’m thinking it was probably the fire station down the block – those guys being fire professionals and all.

We had a really low-key and enjoyable Fourth – with a delightful home-cooked meal and quality time spent with some of our favorite people.  I made a new salad recipe which turned out awesome… Arugula, feta and watermelon salad from Ina Garten.  This is now maybe my fourth or fifth successful recipe from Ina and I’m totally a fan… I’m convinced we’re on the same wave-length taste-wise now so I’m pumped to keep trying her dinner recipes!

Amie & Rob made chicken burgers and grilled veggies… corn on the cob, mushrooms, asparagus, onions & peppers.  I also bought a few swordfish skewers from Whole Foods that rocked my world – they were super fresh!   For dessert we had an angel food cake (I bought it ready-made at Whole Foods) with some fresh strawberries and blueberries and some homemade whipped cream (side note… homemade whipped cream is one of my favorite things to make for dessert.  It’s really easy to do and just adds that special touch to make it feel like a fancy dessert… Adam is the master whipper of our family.).  This was the perfect dessert for the evening.  First – it was kind of light and healthy (fresh berries & angel food cake) – and without even planning it, we also realized it was red, white & blue!!!  How perfect and so Martha.

On another note… for those of you following along with Adam’s film Hello Lonesome and our premiere at the LA Film Festival, check out Dr. Reid’s Office for the latest!  Adam posted a very personal account (part one) of his experience during the filmmaker’s retreat at Skywalker Ranch and the first day of the festival.  It was such a wild ride for us and hearing about it through his point of view really takes you there.  Enjoy!

Oh – and I know I owe more foodie descriptions from Stinky & China Town in Queens – but now it’s 11:30 and I am starting my new job tomorrow bright and early so I will have to put it off another day!  I’m thinking of starting a cheese column soon… where each week I just do a super cheese post (for any of you cheese maniacs like myself) – where I will list and describe all the cheeses I taste during that week – and highlight my favorites!  Interested?


5 thoughts on “Photo 86 out of 365 – “The Fourth of July” & Stories from Skywalker Ranch

  1. Kelly and I made the watermelon salad this weekend out at Margeaux’s! I am a big fan of all things Ina.

    One more thing. I agree with you, you have to keep pushing yourself to photograph people. I am blown away by every single one you post. I mean all the photos you post are great, but the photos you have taken of people, wow, incredible.

    • I just made her parmesan chicken for dinner with arugula & lemon vinaigrette. YUM! Love Ina!! And PS – I miss the crap out of you! We need to have a date STAT!

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