Photo 87 out of 365 – “Birthday Girl”

This photo is of one of my oldest friends in the world – Pam, (and I mean “oldest” in terms of years of friendship not age).  We celebrated Pam’s birthday at the Standard Hotel Biergarten yesterday afternoon and had a lovely time with some excellent German beers, sausages (including a cheddar sausage) and the best soft pretzel with mustard I’ve ever had!  Here’s a picture, you can’t even tell – but that pretzel is like twice the size of my head!!

Anyway – I’ve known Pam since I was two years old.  We’ve played house together, been in dance recitals together, spent years of Thanksgivings together, spent summers at camp together, partied in Wisconsin and Fire Island and Boston together – and here we are now… both in our 30’s, living in NYC and sharing our birthdays with each other to this day.  It’s wonderful to have friendships that span your entire lifetime.  And I just think Pam looks so beautiful in this picture… she’s glowing… and so happy.

Happy birthday Pam!  I love you!


3 thoughts on “Photo 87 out of 365 – “Birthday Girl”

  1. so i just happen to go on to FINALLY subscribe to your ab fab blog, and there i am! your photographs are gorgeous and thanks for celebrating with me yesterday.

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