Photo 88 out of 365 – “Staying Cool on B”

Man… this weather is BRUTAL!!  Though it’s definitely a lively scene over here in alphabet city… lots of people sitting on stoops with their shirts off – little kids playing around in makeshift fire hydrant sprinklers & shooting each other with super soakers. I actually encouraged a little girl to shoot me with her super soaker on my walk home from dinner last night.  She looked at me like… “really?  I’m allowed to shoot you?”  I think it totally made her day.

I didn’t exactly start my job yesterday – though I did meet with my new boss to go over business practices and paperwork and all that stuff.  I think this week I’ll mostly be preparing for the position – I’m compiling a list of Brooklyn restaurants by neighborhood – there are SO many!!!  And I have to start researching them – finding out who the head chef & owners are and looking at their menus and price points to determine my best bets (the low-hanging fruit as they say in sales).  If there are any cheese-friendly restaurants you know of in the Brooklyn borough – please send them my way!!

And lastly, I’ve been receiving a lot of awesome feedback lately about the photos & the blog… along with people asking me questions about my camera, lenses, photography classes, cheese job, etc.  That makes me super happy.  I have been plugging away on this blog & 365 photo project now for over 3 months.  Sometimes it feels like work – but most of the time, it’s really enjoyable and comes pretty naturally to me.   It started out really just being for me and about me – making a commitment, sticking to it, being productive, practicing my photography and sharing what’s going on in my life with my friends & family.  I think I really needed this when I started because I was feeling less confident about where I was in my career and confused and overwhelmed about where I should be focusing my efforts.  Now, however blogging & taking pictures has become a major part of my life and something that is increasingly giving me a huge sense of accomplishment.  And that’s coming mostly from people who are following along – and who share with me that they are now inspired to get a new camera – or to change career paths – or to do a 365 project of some sort.  That makes me feel like this is all very worthwhile.  So thank you!


6 thoughts on “Photo 88 out of 365 – “Staying Cool on B”

  1. Thanks for the Bio. Great shot! I love to capture people in a candid fashion – there’s nothing more interesting than people. I’m new to blogging, too, with a similar story. I enjoyed your post.

    • Thanks so much for visiting! I’m a big fan of candid people shots too. it’s been a challenge but those are typically my favorite shots!

  2. Hi Nell, I don’t say much sometimes but I follow your blog and love your pics. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the new pic everyday.

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