Photo 89 out of 365 – “Heat Wave”

Yesterday I had a new challenge.  Adam needed to take the camera to work with him.  I figured I’d just wait for him to get home and then spend some time in the evening taking shots.  However, I walked outside my apartment at around 5:30pm to go grocery shopping and I stumbled upon this scene.  My first thought was “Crap!!  I so need my camera for this!”  Then I remembered my new Droid cell phone (I finally upgraded from my little dinky flip phone).  So I snapped a few shots with my phone cam.  This is one of them!  I am so happy with it I can’t believe how pretty it looks for a cell phone photo – check out that lens flare!  It just goes to show… you don’t necessarily need fancy, expensive equipment to make pretty pictures.  (I did use Adobe  Lightroom to edit a bit after the fact – I sharpened the photo a little and increased the contrast to emphasize that bright glow of the sun & the water spray.)  Adam had to take the camera again today – so I’m armed with my cell for photo ops until he gets home.

Last night I made a nice simple dinner – another recipe from my new favorite… Ina Garten (AKA “Barefoot Contessa”).  This time I made parmesan chicken over a bed of arugula with lemon vinaigrette and shaved parmesan.  It was SUPER fast and easy – from prep to serving I’d say it took about 35 minutes.  I loved the arugula with the lemon vinaigrette.  Making salad dressings is one of my favorite things.  Once I started making my own instead of buying, I’ve never gone back.  It’s so easy – all you need is some olive oil, some seasonings and some acid or vinegar – then you can totally improvise.  Salad dressings are one of the things I feel comfortable experimenting with at this point.  I still consider myself to be somewhat of a novice when it comes to cooking (or whatever comes next after novice… intermediate?) – so I depend heavily on recipes for the most part – but with salad dressings I let loose and have a little fun.


11 thoughts on “Photo 89 out of 365 – “Heat Wave”

    • omg… totally. when I leave the house without my camera now (which doesn’t happen often), I ALWAYS see moments I want to capture. It’s frustrating. That’s why I’m thankful for my new Rebel T2i… it’s really light and I don’t mind schlepping it w/me everywhere I go!!!

  1. Neller, I am so proud of you!!! I love your blog! Great picture! Can you please teach me how to take photos and I’ll teach you how to cook. I love Ina Garten’s recipes. You can leave out the breadcrumbs if you want to make it totally low carb. And I’m with you, I stopped buying bottled dressing last year. Making your own is so easy even Allie can do it! I love you, honey! Your happiness shines through. Hope to meet your darling Adam one day soon.

    • Thanks Jules – can’t believe you’re reading… so sweet!! Sure – we can do a photography/cooking trade off… besides Ina… who else do you follow recipe wise??

  2. Good for you! Try making Ina’s turkey “meat” loaf. I made it last night. It’s great for sandwiches, too.

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