Photo 90 out of 365 – “Fire on Houston & A”

I was working on some stuff at home last night when I got a call from my from my friend (and downstairs neighbor) Rob saying there was a crazy huge fire on Houston and Avenue A.  He’s so cute – he knew I’d want to take pictures.  So I dropped what I was doing, grabbed my old camera (the EOS 20D) and my cell phone cam and bolted out the door to go catch up with the action.  By the time I got there (just a few minutes later), the firefighters had the blaze pretty under control – though I’ve never seen so many firetrucks!  All of Houston was closed off and there were spectators EVERYWHERE – most of them toting cameras!  It’s amazing how many photographers there are in the East Village.  Here are a couple more shots I took from the scene:

Building view from front with Firetrucks

Little kid being looked at for minor injuries

Fireman returning from the scene after the fire had died down

And of course... our friendly neighborhood drunk guy made an appearance

Here is the story from the New York Times.

Seriously – firefighters are CRAZY!  And awesome and brave.


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