Photo 93 out of 365 – “Urban Oasis” & The Roller Coaster Continues

I took this photo in the community garden on Avenue B & 6th Street in the East Village.  I used my 50 mm lens and shot it on the aperture priority setting (Av).  My settings were (ISO 100, f/2.8 (small number = large opening = shallow depth of field), shutter speed 1/250). The shallow depth of field is what gives the background that nice blur.  I love that look.

As for the roller coaster – here we go.  My ‘too good to be true’ dream cheese job has officially fallen through.  This all started last week.  I met with the owner of the company and he presented me with a contract that he wanted me to sign before we started working together.  The contract contained a non-compete clause, which pretty much stated that if I decided to stop working with him, I would not be able to work for any company that sells dairy products in NY state or any of the surrounding states for a period of at least 6 months after ending my employment.

This made me hesitant, considering I was going to be working for commissions only and my territory would be primarily all new business – I myself, responsible for generating and cultivating all my own leads.  By signing the contract, it meant that I wouldn’t even be able to work behind the counter at a cheese shop for at least 6 months if the job didn’t work out.  I was already a little uneasy that I’d be working my butt off for peanuts (the commission rate felt really low to me – even if I sold TONS of cheese), but initially, I felt I had nothing to lose.  Now suddenly, it seemed like a liability.  I tried to compromise with a solution I thought seemed fair for both of us, but I think he saw my refusal to oblige as a sign that I was not fully committed to the job so we decided to part ways.

I am disappointed, though perhaps it’s for the best.  I am having those feelings again though – for the first time in months.  The feelings of… what direction am I going in again?  Will I be able to find a career that stimulates me, fits with my lifestyle AND makes me happy?  Am I going to have to go back to a corporate office? You know… those feelings.   I’m sure I’ll snap out of it though.  For me, the best course of action is to stay busy and productive.  I signed up for a month-long trial of a software tutorial service today, which offers lessons in Photoshop and several other creative applications.  I have been wanting to educate myself on Photoshop for a while now, so that seems like a logical next step. This week Adam and I are going to design business cards for me (for nell’s dish) so I can give them to people when I ask to take their photos… this will make me seem more legit & professional.  I also have tons of research to do for the cheese movie Adam and I are working on, which ties in with other cheese-related ideas I have… a cheese blog, hosting cheese tasting parties, etc.

So there you have it.  Life is funny – but I am a strong believer that if you are a good person, and you persevere and work hard, success will come.  I remain optimistic.


4 thoughts on “Photo 93 out of 365 – “Urban Oasis” & The Roller Coaster Continues

  1. I’m optimistic, too! I’m 100% sure that you made the right call. Keep breathing …. the rest will work out.

    Love you loads,


  2. Hi Nell,

    I completely understand what you mean with your questions; best of luck. The need for productivity is exactly why I started studying journalism and joined up with 365.

    On another note, your mention of all things cheese plus your desire to find something productive and different made me think of an article I had read awhile ago about hidden restaurants in Paris:
    If I heard that a cool girl with training in cheese tasting was offering classes in her house with yummy wine, cozy atmosphere, and cool guests, I’d shell out to attend.
    Good luck!,

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