Photo 194 out of 365 – “Tree With Autumn Sky”

"Tree With Autumn Sky" - Settings: ISO 100, f/6.3, 1/60 sec, 50mm lens

The sky was absolutely gorgeous when I left my apartment last night.  This is the first picture I took – I adjusted the color a little bit – but not much – it really was this beautiful.  I upped the contrast a little bit and brightened the lights a tad and I increased the saturation of the the purple and magenta – but only by 8 out of 100… just a wee little bit.  Beautiful right?  I love the sky.  I could do a whole series on the sky and clouds and sunsets… just majestic.

Anyway, I had a date with Adam last night.  Dinner and a movie.  We met at Baby Bo’s – my favorite Mexican spot on 2nd Ave between 34th and 35th.  I used to go there at least twice a week when I lived in Murray Hill and in Gramercy.  I have a special place in my heart for Baby Bo’s.  Although, last night… they sort of pissed me off a bit.  (Prepare for rant).  It was a total Seinfeld episode.  I walked in and there was only one table left for two – but it was smushed between two other tables and one of them had a toddler sitting at it.  Not really interested.  In the front of the restaurant there were five tables (two-tops) pushed together to make a table for ten and there were two other tables for four.  All empty!!

I asked the waitress if we could sit in one of the other empty tables but she said we couldn’t – in case a large party came in.  There was no reservation for a large party… just the potential.  So basically, the restaurant is mostly empty and she’s going to smush us into a table next to a toddler – just in case a party of ten decides to come in the next hour??  Annoying!

Just then, Adam came and I decided we should sit at the bar instead… but I was sort of fuming.  After a couple minutes of being preoccupied and pissed off – I had to let it go… as to not ruin our evening – but stuff like that drives me CRAZY!  I hate inflexibility!  In my opinion, it makes more sense to take care of real people, who are already in your restaurant instead of compromising their happiness for a potential (but unlikely) table of TEN that is currently non-existant.  Right?

Of course, a couple came in right after us and got the crappy table – they did not look very happy about it.  And then, a single guy came in for a table of one.  Since there were no more available two-tops, the same waitress separated the large table for ten and gave him one of those two-tops.  If I had only come ten minutes later – I would have had a nice table, exactly where I wanted it.  It just re-confirmed how stupid the whole rule was to begin with.   Grrr.

Anyway, then we ate delicious fajitas and drank a couple margaritas and all was forgotten (until now as I’m writing about it). And then we saw The Social Network.  I liked it – it was definitely entertaining and enlightening.  Fun date night. 🙂


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