What do you do for pure enjoyment?

One of the “secrets of adulthood” Gretchen Rubin learned while doing her Happiness Project is:

“what’s fun for other people might not be fun for you — and vice versa.”

This is an important lesson when trying to tap into your own true happiness.  What do you gravitate to in your spare time?  What naturally brings you joy?  Who is the real you when you’re not doing things to please others?  She mentions in the book that she had a difficult time identifying what she liked to do – just for fun.  So I decided to make my own list of the things I enjoy the most.

  • Enjoying quality time over a meal – I enjoy a small group or one-to-one visits most.   My enjoyment tends to lessen the larger the group
  • Playing games of all kinds – I’m competitive and enjoy boardgames, card games, word games, video games, chess, playing pool, foosball, darts – lots of stuff!
  • Solving puzzles – crosswords, sudoku, problem-solving
  • Watching TV – good TV!  I like to kick up my feet and just relax and be entertained
  • Going to see movies (in the theater) 
  • Exploring new places – especially with my camera
  • Adventuring – climbing rocks, exploring caves, zip-lining – adventurous things that don’t involve rushing water (scares me) and off-roading (also scares me).
  • Exercising – but in ways that don’t involve the gym (tossing around a frisbee, riding bikes, hiking, swimming) – when I am doing it for fun… not for the sole purpose of exercise.
  • Traveling to new destinations – as well as planning for trips (hotels, activities, etc)
  • Reading magazines – in print form!  I most enjoy lifestyle/decorating/news (but for short attention spans) – The Week, NY Magazine – not so much fashion/beauty
  • Reading enlightening books – books that make me think about the world, about life – books that help me learn about myself, that help me feel like I’m growing as a person
  • Taking classes – I like being a student!  There’s so much I want to learn and I like learning with other people more than learning on my own – I’m a social girl!
  • Connecting with children
  • Spending time with/watching/photographing animals – I don’t get self-conscious or nervous when I photograph animals – I do when I photograph people.
  • Going out to restaurants and ordering the tasting menu – I feel like that’s the chef’s best work
  • Editing my photos in Lightroom
  • Cooking – when it’s a low-pressure situation… cooking for guests still makes me nervous – but I’m happy after!
  • Driving – not on the highway… but through the country – I totally miss driving!  Also – driving around and looking at houses… I can do that for HOURS!
That’s a good start for now.
So what do you do for pure enjoyment?  


6 thoughts on “What do you do for pure enjoyment?

  1. 1. go for a long walk every time I need to reflect upon something. Also because I love walking.
    2. I cook. I like to try new flavors, create something heavenly tasteful.
    3. I read. Whatever fancies me at the time.
    4. I write. That´s totally random. Either a short note. A longer text. My blog.
    5. I take photos. I can be home doing the dishes, suddenly see a shadow and go grab my camera.
    6. Traveling. Weekends or weeks. Whenever I have the chance.
    7. Bubble baths. Love them.
    8. Go hunting. Oh no, not with a gun. I look for novelty, new trends.

    Those are at the top of my head, there may be more things.

  2. Oh! Great post!

    Things I do for pure enjoyment:

    1. Watch a favorite favorite movie.
    2. Sex
    3. Anything involving a beach…sitting, walking, running, sleeping, face planted in sand…
    4. Eating and talking with a good friend, especially when said friend cooks, buys cheese and talks like Nell Reid.
    5. Dancing at a wedding with Ben.
    6. Holding a baby.
    7. Shopping for and dressing my mom in a clothing store.
    8. Planning for and staying in an awesome hotel.
    9. Drinking with my cousin Tina.
    10. Driving in a convertible on a really nice day.

  3. You know, this is the reason I started my blog. I sat thinking one day about what I could do here in Rome and I realized I spent all my time on the computer, that I really enjoyed surfing the web and connecting, being connected. So, why not work where I liked to play!

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