I cry like my dad…

So, I just watched the last episode of Oprah and I totally cried – like hard… not just tears streaming down my face – but full-on crying. And I never even watch Oprah!  My friend taped it for me because she thought I’d appreciate the message (which I did – thank you Amie) about everyone having a calling.  But yes, I cry kind of all the time – and it’s not usually because I feel sad for myself (though sometimes that happens too).  Mostly I cry because I’m touched – or because I am sad for someone else – or because I’m super happy for someone else – or because I’m proud – or because a moment is powerful and uplifting.  Like with Oprah – I was just thinking about what she must have been feeling as she walked off that stage for the last time – after twenty-five years – the audience crying and applauding.  She came from nothing and look at what she built – it’s amazing and inspiring.  Right??

Obviously I’m a big feeler – and when I feel deeply (which happens often) – all that feeling pours right out my eyes.  Sometimes this can be an embarrassing trait, but overall I’m grateful to be such an emotional and feeling person.  And who do I have to thank for this?

My dad.

My dad at our wedding - with my mom and sister laughing

Yup – I’m just like my dad.  Every time I’m brought to tears by something I look over and my dad’s right there – crying too.  I think it’s the sweetest thing.  And I’m happy to carry a piece of my dad in me like that.  It’s a little thing we share and it’s special to me.  It kind of makes me want to cry just thinking about it.


13 thoughts on “I cry like my dad…

  1. oh man, this post is awesome because i identify with all of it! i am such a cryer, and i get it 100% from my dad, who gets it from his irish mother (my grammy) who refers to it as “having a water bladder behind your eyes.” i cry a LOT — books, movies, plays, music, art, yoga, my friends, my family, my husband, celebrations, remembrances, you name it. you should have seen me and my dad at my sister’s wedding! and of all the traits and tendencies i wish i could change about myself, that is NOT one of them… i think it’s a real gift to be able to feel so deeply. it does a number on the ol’ mascara, but i’m okay with that. 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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