The Independent Spirit Awards are TODAY!!!

2012 Independent Spirit Awards

For those of you who don’t know already, my husband Adam has been nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his first feature film, Hello Lonesome.

Hello Lonesome Poster

Being a part of this filmmaking process has been one long, wild ride, which started back in 2008.  (You can read my post about part of the process here… and many more posts by clicking on the “Hello Lonesome” tag in my tag cloud on the right).  Meanwhile, here we are today and Adam is out in LA, with the red carpet activity starting up NOW and the awards starting up in a couple hours.  God I wish I was there with him!  I mean, I’ve been all cool and collected for the past two months leading up to this, but now it’s here and I’m no longer cool.  I’m a big dork and I’m all nervous and excited!  He’s going to be in the company of all these movie stars and industry greats!  I’ve made him promise to text me consistently throughout the event.  I want every star sighting texted to me in real time.  You hear that babe?

Anyway – you can follow the live streaming of the red carpet here.  You know that’s what I’ll be doing!

And the awards show will be televised on IFC tonight starting at 10:00pm EST.

As for his category, Hello Lonesome has been nominated for the John Cassavetes Award, which is given to the best film made for under $500,000.  There are five films nominated in this category – here are the trailers:



The Dynamiter:

Hello Lonesome:


We’re thinking Pariah is the favorite to win… but we’ll have to wait and see!  I swear… if Adam wins, I’m going to spontaneously go into labor out of sheer excitement.  Good thing my friend Susan will be here babysitting me.  🙂  Anyway – good luck baby!!!  We’re rooting for you here in Brooklyn!  Love you so much!



7 thoughts on “The Independent Spirit Awards are TODAY!!!

  1. Wow I can’t imagine not being there if I were you it must be so hard! At the same time way better to keep yourself near home at when you are nearing the end of pregnancy! I hope that his picture won!

    • yeah – can you believe it? under normal circumstances, I so would have been there! Craziness. Oh well. that just means he has to get nominated for an oscar next time and I’ll go to that instead. 😉

  2. Oh Nell I was so excited when I read this this morning. I hurried and checked the Spirit Awards website and am pretty bummed Hello Lonesome didn’t win. But I bet it was close! I loved the trailer. The Cancer line made me laugh pretty hard and that in itself makes it a winner in my book. Not that my book really matters, but still….It looks like a really good film and I’d like to see it. Is there somewhere I can purchase it online? (Oops! Nevermind, I just saw it’s available in May on Amazon) Despite the loss, I hope Adam got to enjoy his evening and get you some good ‘star’ sighting stories!

    • thanks so much Rachel! Yeah – we were kind of bummed – but we really thought Pariah was going to win – so it wasn’t much of a surprise. That being said, you can also save Hello Lonesome to your netflix queue now (if you do netflix) – and it’ll be available in may! If you watch it – you must report in!! Thanks for saying hi. 🙂

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