Independent Spirit Awards Update

So – if any of you followed this on TV or online, you know by now that Adam’s film, Hello Lonesome unfortunately did not win the John Cassavetes Award on Saturday night at the Independent Spirit Awards.  It’s ok though.  Pariah ended up winning and we always sort of thought it was going to… so it wasn’t much of a surprise.  Just a wee bit disappointing… we can all dream right?  Meanwhile, here are a couple of Adam’s pics from the day.  It was definitely a wild ride for him!  I can’t believe I wasn’t there!  ARG.  Next time he’ll have to get nominated for an Oscar and I’ll just have to go to that instead. 🙂

I’ll write more tomorrow!  Just wanted to keep you all posted.

Adam and Sabrina Lloyd on the "Purple Carpet" - aren't they lookin' good?

A shot from inside the tent before the show began

Adam enjoying some Jameson (an event sponsor) - silly boy











2 thoughts on “Independent Spirit Awards Update

  1. Too bad Adam didnt win. We were watching it and hopng he would. But just being nominated is fantastic and an honor! Being there and seeing the people were so cool.. We always root for you. Daddy and Mommyhood coming up next. SSSo exciting! Our luv, Elaine and Harvey

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