Countdown to Baby

So I had this list of big events that were happening leading up to our due date.  There was the holidays, then New Year’s Eve, then my birthday, then my baby shower, then Adam’s birthday, then my parents were coming for a visit in February, then the Independent Spirit Awards and then… baby.  Well… here we are and there’s nothing left on the calendar but BABY!  What a crazy feeling!  I’ve gotta say though – I’m feeling pretty prepared!  We got all our nursery furniture and our nice shaggy rug arrived on Tuesday.  I’ve been ordering supplies from Amazon and like a champ.  I’ve been doing loads and loads of laundry and now our apartment has that little baby smell.

The one thing I have said goodbye to already is sleeping through the night.  That is no longer happening.  Though I guess that’s inevitable anyway with a newborn on the way.  I go to sleep on my left side (snuggled with my humungous body pillow named “Hans”) and then I wake up with hip pain on my left side.  So I flip over (which is a bit of a project these days), hoisting Hans over as I go, and go back to sleep on my right side.  Then I wake up with hip pain on my right side… and the drama continues.  Then at around four in the morning I wake up to pee and then I’m usually wide awake.  So I read in bed for a while until I fall back to sleep.  I just downloaded Tina Fey’s Bossypants, which has been a fun middle-of-the-night read for me.  Oh yeah, and most nights I have to chew a couple TUMS at some point because I’m enjoying that lovely heartburn.  My TUMS are now kept in my bedside drawer.

So yes, this is a little bit of a drag.  But really – I don’t even mind that much because I know it means he’s coming SOON!  And within a matter of weeks, I won’t be pregnant anymore and I’ll probably miss it a little bit.  I have definitely liked being pregnant.  It has felt rather natural for me.  But don’t get me wrong… I can’t wait to meet this little boy in the flesh!  And it will be nice to be able to bend over and tie my shoes again without grunting like a body builder.

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing with the camera a bit more this past week.  My friends Rob and Amie (writer of awesome baby blog Bohemian Babies) were over on Sunday for bagels.  I have this crystal hanging in my window and the sunlight was streaming through creating this awesome rainbow on the wall.  So Rob was playing around – stepping into the rainbow and posing for me.  Here is my favorite shot:

"Rainbow Rob"

I promise I will post more photos of the nursery once we finish it off with our tree wall decal!  That’ll hopefully get done this weekend or on Monday.  In the meantime, enjoy your Thursday!

Oh yeah – one more thing…

This February was the biggest month yet for views on nellsdish.  In fact, this little blog broke through the 6,000 views in one month mark (which is huge and tremendously exciting for me)!  In February 2011, there were under 2,000 views – so in just one year lots of new people have discovered my blog. That makes me happy – because I have been trying to just keep it really intimate and honest and just write about my life and what I’m into.  I’m touched that all of you care enough to keep up with me and check in with me and say hi to me with your comments.  And seeing this little baby (my first baby) grow (just to be clear, I’m talking about the blog) just gives me more fuel to keep it up.  It has definitely evolved over the two years since I started it.  From photography, to career change, to cheese, to Adam’s film career, to cooking, to Brooklyn, to restaurants, to pregnancy … thanks for joining me along on the ride.  I hope to keep you on board as I start this next phase of my life – motherhood.  Though I promise to write about more than just motherhood… because you know me… I have way too many interests to just focus on one thing!

Anyway – happy March!!


14 thoughts on “Countdown to Baby

    • thanks chica! i want to get myself some of that chewable jewelry you just featured on your blog – but at least we have time before we need that. it’s on my radar now thanks to you. 🙂

  1. Congratulations on hitting 6000 views! Wow that is great. I remember those days of uncomfortable sleep. With my second baby I actually was so ready to be up every two hours just so I could sleep as just myself without all the other stuff. I was actually less tired for the first couple of weeks after the baby than during those last few of the pregnancy!

  2. WOW! 6,000 views! That is so awesome! So proud of you. We just love the picture of Rob. Very creative. Can you please send us a copy that we could use. Counting down to mommyhood! kisses Elaine and Harvey

  3. Congrats on 6K, Nellie. So excited for you(and dear Adam, too) in every way. Here comes baby…….



  4. I remember being two weeks overdue with Evan and whining and crying to my doctor about it, and he said, “don’t be in such a hurry – babies are way more trouble outside your womb than inside” !!! Funny though, I never thought that…it’s been an awesome journey through parenthood (and now grandparenthood), and yours will be as well – I am so very tickled for you!

    Penny Blewett

    • Thanks Penny! And thanks for saying hi! God I hope this baby is not 2 weeks late. I can’t imagine another 3 and half weeks! Yikes! Time will tell I suppose. I’m so excited to be a mom. I have such a good mom – I’ve always known I wanted to continue that tradition with my own child/children some day. 🙂 Nice hearing from you!

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