Photo Shoots!

Nope… still no baby.  Though at my last doc visit yesterday, she said I was 3 cm dilated already – so we’re making progress!  Adam and I are hoping for today or tomorrow.  Send labor vibes my way!  I’m ready to meet this little boy already!

Meanwhile, I participated in two photo shoots this week (one way of keeping myself busy).  On Sunday, I was the subject and on Tuesday, I was the photographer.  Here are some of my favorite shots from each:

Me at 39 weeks – with my darling husband Adam as the photographer!  PS – I love getting my pictures taken by Adam.  Because I’m so comfortable with him, I can really flirt with the camera and have some fun and the pictures come out so much better when you’re having fun!

Check out that belly!!

Love this one with Adam in the mirror!


As for the other shoot, I went to visit my friend Megan, her husband Dave and their new little man Max on Tuesday to do a family photo shoot.  Max is SO darling and Megan and Dave were pretty chill.  They were making it look easy!  It made me so excited for our little guy’s arrival.  Here are some of my favorite shots:

Aren’t they beautiful?!!  (the people – not the photos… though I am very happy with how the photos came out too.)  Taking pictures of newborns and their families during this happy magical time is a real joy for me.  I’d like to do more of it now that I’m surrounded with friends who’ve just had babies!  But first priority… our baby.  Out of my belly.  Soon.  Really.

Anyway – happy Thursday everyone.  We’ll keep you updated!




13 thoughts on “Photo Shoots!


    What a beautiful belly you have and no stretch marks!! Wow! Lucky you! Amazing!

    Poised and ready to meet Theo:))

    How great it is for Theo to have a ready made friend with Max:))

    Lovely ….XOXOX

  2. Nell – I just logged on to Facebook to see if you had the baby yet. I guess the answer is NO. I hope you’re feeling well and getting a little sleep. These pictures are gorgeous. You’re both very talented photographers. I hope all is well. Can’t wait to meet your little one. Dara

  3. Hi, I can’t wait to see him . We are so happy for u both and we wish we could be with u. I have asked for new address or phone so we can send u things. pleas send me your address or phone . It’s so nice to have more family . Sorry we are not closer. to u . I hope to see all 3 of u soon . I am so happy Robin is coming out and we can see the kids and see more of the family . I love all of our family and its been much too long for us . we are so happy for u Nell pleas keep in touch with us ok love melynda and brent

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