Update… Still No Baby.

Just in case you’re wondering. 🙂  I was willing it to happen yesterday, but it didn’t.  I mean – I’m still a week early – so I was really pushing my luck, but I was feeling like it was going to happen soon.  Now – I’m settling in to the idea that it might be another week or two and I’ll just have to deal so I’m trying to keep myself busy so as not to go crazy with anticipation.

Yesterday I had a lovely day.  I woke up in the morning really sore and achy so I called a few places in the neighborhood to see if they could fit me in for a massage.  I found this place Melt  massage right around the block from me and they fit me in for a seventy-five minute massage (free extra fifteen minutes on your first visit!).  Despite the fourth floor walkup (whatever – stairs supposedly bring on labor – I’m down), this was a LOVELY experience.  Becky was my massage therapist and she was excellent… a nice blend of relaxation and some decent pressure (I tend to like the deeper massages better).  Have I mentioned what a massage junkie I am?  Literally, if I could get a massage every day of my life, it would be perfection.  I don’t understand people (like my sister – HUH?) who don’t like getting massaged.  It doesn’t compute.  To me – getting massaged is absolute bliss.

Oh – and here’s my theory (tell me if I’m way off here) – but I’ve always been able to handle a lot of DEEP pressure when getting massaged.  My usual massage therapist (he doesn’t specialize in prenatal – so I’ve been cheating on him – but he’s AMAZING), told me that I can take pressure better than most men he massages!  Because pain while getting massaged is a kind of productive pain… you know you are not hurt, you know you are not sick, you know the pain is helpful, I find it doesn’t bother me much and I have a high tolerance for it.  My theory is that labor will be a similar pain situation for me.  Makes sense right?  (work with me here).  So in my head – I’m going to be a badass who can take the labor pain like a champ!  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Meanwhile, after my massage I stopped by Connecticut Muffin – a little neighborhood coffee/baked goods spot and read for an hour while sipping on some chamomile tea.  I finished Bossypants and loved it… now I’m on to Fifty Shades of Grey, which is an erotic novel that’s been getting tons of buzz (my friend told me about it).  I’ve never really read an erotic novel before, but I figured it’ll make for some fun and entertaining reading when I’m up at three in the morning (as I’ve turned into an insomniac lately).  I’ll let you know how I like it.  Oh – and PS… I’m reading it on my iPhone.  Yes, now that I have an iPhone, I’m officially attached to my phone 24/7.  Between reading on the Kindle App, checking my email and Facebook and playing Words With Friends and Word Scramble, I can hardly put my phone down these days.

So anyway (forgive me for my rambling… I’m very rambly today), my friend Michelle, who is also nine months pregnant, met up with me at Connecticut Muffin and we went for a nice long walk.  A slowwww walk.  If I walk to fast these days I feel like the baby’s going to drop right out!  It’s a weird sensation.  I had been reading about all these restaurants in Clinton Hill (some new, some old), which is the neighboring neighborhood to Fort Greene, so I wanted to walk around and check them out!  It was a great walk and now I have a whole list of restaurants I am eager to try!

Locanda Vini e Olii 

This is a supposed DELICIOUS Italian restaurant that resides in an old pharmacy.  It has been around for over ten years.

Locanda Vini e Olii - Image from NY Magazine


A taco spot on Fulton Ave in Clinton Hill… I love me some tacos.

Cochinita - image from The Village Voice

Speedy Romeo 

A pizza spot – one of the head chef’s/owners – Justin Bazdarich previously worked as a chef for Jean Georges’s restaurant Perry Street.  The menu looks AMAZING… and you know how I feel about pizza.

Speedy Romeo - Image from Brownstoner

Urban Vintage

An adorable bakery/cafe with baked goods, sandwiches, salads, coffees, teas, etc.  We stopped in for a drink yesterday and this definitely looks like a place I’d like to hang out and BLOG in!!  I wonder if the baby will sleep while I blog at a cafe?  That will be fun.

Urban Vintage - Image from Urbanvintage.com

Finally – there is Brooklyn Victory Garden.  This is the cheese shop my friend Tess opened up in October 2010.  If you were reading this blog back then, you’ll remember that Tess put up a bunch of my photos from my 365 project on display in her store for the grand opening.  They are actually still up today (as I don’t have room for 12 huge prints – and they look so fabulous up on the walls there!).  Meanwhile, Brooklyn Victory Garden is no longer just a cheese shop and market.  Now they serve soups and sandwiches as well and their menu looked yummy.  I’m looking forward to going back and eating a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.  Mmmmm.

The adorable Tess - owner of Brooklyn Victory Garden - image by ME!

So now I have these fantasies, that once the little man is born, it’ll be spring and he’ll be sleeping a lot… so I’ll just walk all over creation and eat everywhere.  And then I can blog about it!  Hopefully he’ll be a nice easy baby and will enjoy dining out as much as I do.

Now I’m exactly a week away from delivery date (D DAY)!!  Any bets on when I’m going to go?  My dad says Tuesday… I was shooting for yesterday, but missed.  We should get a pool going.

Ok – enjoy the weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “Update… Still No Baby.

  1. Walking up and down steps, raspberry tea, sex, pedicures- nothing makes a baby come out until he or she is ready, (or induced!) at least in my experience!! Good work Nell. Your baby is lucky to be welcomed into the world by someone who is so lovingly prepared, clearly.

    • Thanks Ellen! I actually got a pedicure the other day (not to induce labor… just b/c it had been months!) – and I was thinking – oh god… what if this woman sends me into labor right now?! It obviously didn’t happen. Yeah – I’m feeling good today. Had a nice restful weekend and slept great last night. He’ll come when he’s ready – I just hope it’s not MUCH after my due date! Good hearing from you!!

  2. What a great list of places! I can just imagine you sipping tea and blogging while the little man takes a snooze. And by then you can speed walk with one of those fancy strollers. I can’t wait to see the big prints one of these days. Hoping to snag one when Ben and I rent a place upstate. I look at your pictures on our walls every day and feel so happy and grateful. You are a wonderful artist, Nell!

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